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Invest in Outcomes, Not just Services

Hey there, I'm Resa. I help create and execute sustainable marketing strategies for effective coaches to gain a steady flow of well-paying clients, enabling them to have a life of freedom and abundance without the constant hustle.

Get to Know Me

My guiding principle is to leave a positive impact on everyone I encounter. In every interaction, I strive to ensure that the people I engage with are better off than before. Whether it's offering assistance, providing advice, or taking on tasks for others, I seize every opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

So let me show you how I can help you make $20,000 in 6 months as a coach.

With over two decades of marketing expertise, I've earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results for my clients. The success story unfolded during my tenure as the co-Founder of a HubSpot marketing agency, where we consistently ranked among the top 10% of agencies globally speaking volumes about our impact. Feel free to Google me or explore my LinkedIn page for a deeper dive into my track record.

While my journey led me to Dublin, where I now collaborate with HubSpot, my passion for making a difference persisted. Fueled by a deep-seated desire to contribute amidst global challenges, I've decided to step back into the arena.

Coaches hold a pivotal role in today's world, and I'm here to connect you with the clients who need your transformative guidance. Having experienced the profound impact of coaching personally, I understand the positive change you can bring to someone's life.

Ready to make money consistently as a coach?

And be finally free of overwhelm and confusion...

Book a strategy call with us and explore the possibilities of working together!

My mission is clear...

I aim to deliver results-oriented marketing strategies for passion-driven coaches to successfully close a minimum of 20 clients within a 6-month timeframe, resulting in earnings exceeding $20,000 for your coaching business. What sets my services apart is that it is a joint effort where I also invest my resources to ensure your investment leads to the results you deserve.

In other words, I don't get paid until you've gotten paid!

Are you a certified coach working on any of these platforms....


ICF Certified

In need of building your own clientele


If you are an effective coach you are more than likely currently engaged with coaching platforms like CoachHub or BetterMe. You may have also invested in an impressive array of coaching certifications from institutions like ICF (International Coaching Federation) or IAC (The International Association of Coaching) or even the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

However, there's a missed opportunity to convert these clients into your clientele, or you are unable to convey the value of your expertise to your ideal client. 

In these challenging times, people are seeking guidance more than ever. Yet, the disconnect lies in the struggle for potential clients to find you.


With my unique Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) offer, I bridge this gap by connecting individuals in need with your coaching services, ensuring that your expertise reaches those who require it the most.


Resa not only left me better off than when we met, she left me on cloud nine and made me truly believe that my wildest dreams were possible.

Sarah Finch

Resa's level of professionalism and expertise in Digital Marketing disciplines such as Marketing Automation and Demand Generation among others are hard to match.

Jonathan Cohen

Resa is dedicated to digging till she gets to the absolute rock bottom (determination), leaving no stone unturned (thorough) and the ability to explain it all in terms any layman can appreciate (articulate).

Yoel Ben-Avraham

Book Your  FREE Strategy Call

to learn how we can help you earn $20,000 in your coaching business within 6 months

Book Your  FREE Strategy Call

to learn how we can help you earn $20,000 in your coaching business within 6 months

Sign up to for a FREE Strategy Call

to learn how we can help you earn $20,000 in your coaching business within 6 months

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